Wrath Of the Machine Review

We ran the raid and here are our thoughts.

Destiny’s new raid Wrath of the Machine is fun but incredibly short. We ran it for the first time and we were able to complete it with several people at 360 and 370 light. The raid itself does not make use of any particular guardian skill set. It was not very challenging; in total we wiped about 5 times. It is shorter than the previous raids but definitely just as fun. The length of the raid is shorter than Crota’s End. It does have a binary code puzzle mid-way that revolves around a sequence of pillars you have to jump on to. It’s confusing at first but once you figure it out it is very simple. Here’s a binary code cheat sheet. We won’t spoil the rest for you.

0000 = 0
0001 = 1
0010 = 2
0011 = 3
0100 = 4
0101 = 5

The loot drop was really good. Maybe our party was just really lucky? For a first run Wrath of the Machine dropped me the raid fusin rifle, raid rocket launcher, raid chest piece, and raid boots. I also got an ugly emblem. It’s fair to say that the raid was fun and we will definitely continue to run it until we have the full armor and weapons set. Unfortunately, it is short. In the mean time we will continue to grind the book missions.

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