The Rise of Iron

Return of the Gjallahorn

I was hoping for a huge patrol map with turret mounted sparrows. Jerod especially was hoping for a sparrow with a side cart since he hates driving around. At this point any new content is good content. I did not expect the return of the Jellyhorn. From day one bungie decided I was too good of a player to have one. Like many of you, they put me on a “No Gjallahorn” drop list. At lease that’s what I told myself. The truth is, maybe my RNG just sucked balls.

Not having the Gjallarhorn is what made the game fun for me. I liked the fact that the Gjallarhorn never dropped for me.  It was an over powered rocket launcher. One that brought excitement to completing raids and having the chance of dropping for my Hunter. Now it’s free to everyone?


Bungie’s focus on balancing everything is a marxist idea I simply don’t agree with. Everyone will get the Gjallarhorn? And they’re going to nerf it? In my opinion: weapons and armor should not be balanced. There are those who have them and those who don’t. This is what drives people to play the game. Think about the Prison of Elders (POE) for example: Variks gave away a piece of armor every week. You were guaranteed to have the full POE set in a month. There was little to no satisfaction in getting the Warden gear. You can agree or disagree but one thing is for sure, I prefer to remember the Gjallahorn for what it was pre The Rise of Iron.

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