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Badass YouTUBE Channel.

Pyro Gaming has an impressive library of Destiny videos. His YouTUBE videos are really good. And we mean damn good. He has videos on how to farm strange coins efficiently, speed leveling, glimmer farming, exotic farming, etc. We put his video to the test and followed his formula and were able to farm over 100 Strange coins in no time. This is how we know Pyro knows what he’s talking about. These are just some of his videos.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.18.55 PM

We got a chance to talk to Pyro and he’s a really really nice guy. The content in his videos are informative and we’re glad that he has taken the time to make them. Stixu and I have tried making Destiny YouTUBE videos before and they were horrible. After a few hundred out takes and several days of voice overs we were able to put together short 30 second videos. Hats off to you guys who create 2-4 videos a week.

“In Destiny, one of the most challenging things to do is find a decent raid team. Sites like LFG and allow you to find those teams, but only RaidOrganizer allows you to schedule those teams in advance, rate your experience with that team, and link your Social media accounts to your profile. RaidOrganizer takes the hassle out of searching for a raid team, and streamlines it into a simple, user friendly interface.” – Pyro Gaming

Pyro had a few nice things to say about our Raid Organizer Destiny LFG Site. If you guys get a chance, be sure to subscribe to his channel – there are really useful videos there.

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