Wrath of The Machine.

Someone on RaidOrganizer.com set up a Wrath of The Machine raid for late last night. I joined the game several days prior to the event to make sure they had a full team. The party chat invites were sent out and the last guardian to join identified himself as a “squeeker”. He said hello and the party chat went completely quiet.

“I’m the squeeker everyone talks about. I’ve never done a raid before but don’t worry I’m good.”

I asked him how old he was and he replied, “eleven”. In my head I was thinking “this will end horribly” but most of us being older, some of us dads, agreed to showing him the ropes to the raid anyway. We honestly did not think we would get very far because of the communication required for Wrath of The Machine. To our amazement he was in fact a really good player. The biggest surprise to me was his ability to communicate. He called out when he was empowered, he identified the servitors, covered his zones, kept the line free of mic clutter, and performed better than a lot of gamers I’ve met. He didn’t say much in the party chat but he did something that to me was truly amazing – he listened. He was … learning.

I asked him how he heard about Raid Organizer and he said he found a Youtube video made by Pyro Gaming. He also stated that this was his first raid ever and that he did not know enough people to run the raid with.

Shout out to ProHacks57 on PS4.